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Buy FN Firearms Online from FN Herstal Guns. A global leader in developing and manufacturing the highest-quality firearms for military, law enforcement, and civilian use alike, FN America has rightfully earned the reputation as the gunmaker with the world’s most battle-proven firearms. Here, we offer FN Herstal weapons from FN Pistols, FN Rifles, and FN Shotguns, to .50 caliber machine guns and aircraft weapons systems. It can only get better buy your FN Firearms Online from one of the best and reputable FN Guns Broker.

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Buy your next FN America rifle here! These rifles are known for their durability, reliability, and overall superior craftsmanship. Our new and used inventory includes long-time favorites such as the PS90 and the FN SCAR, as well as the innovative FN SCAR 20s and FN M249S.

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Search our selection of FN shotguns, including the popular FN SLP and FN P-12. For home defense, competition, and tactical applications, these shotguns are engineered to deliver accuracy and unrivaled reliability.

Buy FN Guns Online

Find the FN Firearms you’re searching for right here at FN Herstal Guns. If you find what you want and buy it, don’t forget to stock up on ammo or accessories for your new purchase! We have gun cases, gun safes, optics, holsters, gun cleaning supplies and more right here – what could be more convenient? If you don’t see the exact FN  Firearms model you’re looking for today, be sure to send us an email at support@fnherstalguns.com by visiting our Contact Page as we might have them in stock but not uploaded on the website yet.


FN Herstal (Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal) was established in Belgium in 1889 to manufacture Mauser rifles for the Belgium government. In addition to crafting FN firearms, FN Herstal is also known for manufacturing cars, motorcycles and trucks during the early and mid-20th century. Motorcycles in particular were made until 1965 and trucks until 1970, before the company decided to focus entirely on weaponry. FN Firearms enjoyed a long and productive relationship with famous firearm-designer John Moses Browning, and manufactured many of his most popular designs.

Due to military contracts FN Herstal makes a wide variety of guns. Semi-automatic pistols and bolt action rifles are accompanied by selective-fire and semi-automatic rifles as well as machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, and a handful of launchers and types of ammunition. The FN manufacturing plant in South Carolina builds M16 rifles, M2 machine guns, M249 light machine guns, M240 machine guns and more for the US military.